Access Keys

Many browsers support the use of access keys, which can be used to navigate the website without the use of a pointing device (mouse). If you are using "Windows", you can press the ALT key plus the listed access key. In Internet Explorer you may need to press enter to take you to that page.; On a Macintosh you can press the CTRL key plus the listed access key. Pressing enter will take you to that page.

  • Alt+A, CTRL+A-Home
  • Alt+B, CTRL+B-Still Waters
  • Alt+C, CTRL+C-Rivers
  • Alt+D, CTRL+D-Canals
  • Alt+E, CTRL+E-Clubs
  • Alt+F, CTRL+F-Tackle Shops
  • Alt+G, CTRL+G-Coarse Fishing
  • Alt+H, CTRL+H-Carp Fishing
  • Alt+I, CTRL+I-Fly Fishing
  • Alt+J, CTRL+J-Species
  • Alt+L, CTRL+L-Baits
  • Alt+M, CTRL+M-What's On
  • Alt+1, CTRL+1-Access Keys