Carp Tackle For Margin And Medium Range Fishing

To fish the margins for carp you need the right tackle. Carp hooked at close range put the tackle under tremendous strain, so choosing the right tackle is essential.

Rod and Reel

The ideal rod for the job is a through action 12ft rod made of Carbon or a Kevlar mix. The rod is suitable for margin through to mid range fishing and should ideally have a test curve of between 1½ and 2lb. When a carp takes the bait and hooked at close range, the rod needs to be capable of handling the surge of power from the fish as it tries to runs. A through action rod is then, the only choice.

Along with the right choice of rod, you also need to make the right choice of reel. Margin to medium range fishing demands a reel with a fixed spool and an open bale arm, which closes straight away without ever sticking. It should have a clutch or drag at the rear of the reel so it is easy to get to and use in a hurry. The clutch allows you to adjust the looseness of the spool so it’s either easier or harder for the fish to pull the line off. The reel should also have a line roller, which runs freely and smoothly.

Line and Hook

The line you choose should be able to offer you plenty of stretch. To choose a line that gives you the required stretch, you should avoid low diameter, pre-stretched nylons. These prove to be unforgiving. Your choice should also be no less than 8lbs breaking strain.

The hook is probably the most important part of the set-up, as this is the only part that is in contact with the fish. The choice of hook can determine whether you win or lose the contest with your prey. The best pattern for a hook is a forged, round or crystal bend, medium shanked model. You should inspect each hook before tying it on and reject those, which bend with the slightest of pressures.