Introduction To Fly Fishing

Some anglers say fly-fishing is more than a past time and hobby, it is a sport and an art, requiring a lot of concentration and patients from the angler.

Its different to other fishing in that the angler uses fly’s which he can make or buy ready made from tackle shops.

Fly-fishing is cleaner than other fishing because there is no messy or fiddly bait to carry around with you. This makes the fly-fisherman more mobile with less kit to carry around , just a rod, the reel, the flies and the net.

The tackle used in fly-fishing allows casting of a lightweight fly, with good accuracy and good distances. It consists of weighted fly and rod with a flexible whip action and when done well it is the art in the sport.

The most popular fish to catch in Cotswolds waters while fly-fishing are the brown or rainbow trout and grayling.