Meat Baits

Anglers use meat for fishing to catch most fish species. Anglers buying canned meats from the local supermarket should go for the mid-range priced as the cheap own brand varieties may be to soft or fatty and may fall apart on hitting the water, so I would suggest fishermen try different brands to find the best. Luncheon meat is the most popular type of canned meat for fishing but other types are equally as good; Spam, cat food and pepperami are also good to use. Many anglers also add a liquid or powder flavour for extra taste.

The meat are cut into blocks then split into bait size squares, which are put on to the hook, or you can use a hair rig. Also available are meat puncher sets, which will produce bait size pellets of between 4mm to 17mm and costs around £3.00 to £4.00.

Meat can be frozen before and after any fishing trips and the harder meats may even become softer if defrosted and re-frozen regularly. You can buy meat baits in any supermarket or corner shop and bait shops offer canned meat primarily for angling.