Particle Baits For Fishing

Many anglers use particle baits, which come from a natural source such as vegetables or fruit for fishing on the waters of the UK.

A mixture of seeds used as a particle bait for fishing Baits that fall into this category include sweet corn-maize, berries for example elderberry, nuts such as tiger nuts, a variety of pulses like haricot or red kidney beans and seeds similar to hempseed or rapeseed or a mixture of seeds. In comparison to artificial baits, the natural choices are usually cheaper to use.

Sweetcorn or maize used as a particle bait for fishing Most particle baits however will need some sort of preparation, usually leaving the chosen bait to sock in water for several hours and then cooking prior to use. However, like everything else it is down to the individual angler to decide on the way, they use these types of bait, but a word of warning, little or no preparation may harm the fish and some carp waters will not allow particle baits.

Fishing with particle baits will usually lead to catches of Roach, Bream, Tench, Carp, Rudd and Barbel.