Fish Species In Cotswolds Waters


Latin-esox lucius

The Pike-Latin Esox Lucius

The Pike is widely distributed throughout the British Isles. The Pike is found in the largest of lakes to the smallest of farm ponds, and in most rivers, canals and gravel pits.

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Latin-cyprinus carpio

The Carp-Latin cyprinus carpio

Three varieties of Carp, the COMMON, the MIRROR and the LEATHER CARP all live in British still waters whether they are natural or man-made.

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Latin-Perca Fluvialitis

The Perch-Latin Perca Fluvialitis

Perch are distributed throughout the United Kingdom and can be found in many of the Cotswolds lakes and rivers, clean canals, reservoirs and gravel pits.

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Latin-Tinca Tinca

The Tench-Latin Tinca tinca

The Tench can be found throughout the United Kingdom living in lakes, gravel pits, slow flowing rivers and canals.

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Latin-Rutilus Rutilus

The Roach-Latin-Rutilus Rutilus

The Roach is distributed throughout the British Isles living in still and running water's and is one of the most popular fish for course anglers.

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Latin-Abramis Brama

The Bream-Latin Abramis Brama

Bream live in lakes, ponds, canals, slow rivers and gravel pits throughout Britain and is a very common shoal fish.

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Latin-Barbus barbus

The Barbel-Latin Barbus barbus

Barbel live in still waters and the gravel bottomed rivers of the Thames Valley and River Severn.

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