Latin-esox lucius

The Pike-Latin Esox Lucius

The Pike is widely distributed throughout the British Isles. The Pike is found in the largest of lakes to the smallest of farm ponds, and in most rivers, canals and gravel pits.

The most important requirement is a good source of fish to feed on, for example Perch, Roach or Dace.

It is estimated that the maximum weight of British water Pike is 22.8 kg (50lbs) but to catch any double figured Pike is considered to be a good fish.

The Pike is very well camouflaged, which helps it hide in the weeds until an unsuspecting prey swims past. The fish has a large tail fin and its dorsal fin is set close to the tail fin. This design allows the pike to strike a speed from a stationary start. The Pike has a large amount of very sharp and ferocious teeth in its mouth, slopping backwards to stop the prey from escaping.

Baits of many types can be used to catch this predator, some natural, some artificial. If the waters you are fishing allows, then most fresh water fish is acceptable as live baits. Many types of dead baits such as herring, sprats, mackerel and roach are also acceptable to use.

There are also many types of artificial lures on the market ranging from spinners and spoons to realistic looking imitation fish in an array of colours and sizes.

The baits used can be purchased from many supermarkets and tackle shops. Ask your local tackle shop to show you the selection they have.