Latin-Perca Fluvialitis

The Perch-Latin Perca Fluvialitis

Perch are distributed throughout the United Kingdom and can be found in many of the Cotswolds lakes and rivers, clean canals, reservoirs and gravel pits. The average Perch weight is around 1-1 ½lb or 454g-681g and the mighty Weighing in at around 5½lb or 12kg.

The perch is an aggressive predatory fish and has a spiny dorsal fin and black vertical stripes on an olive green and yellow body. The lower fins can be red or orange.

The life expectancy of this fish can be up to 13 yrs.

Baits of many types can be used to catch this predator, some natural, some artificial and the fish will take almost any bait the angler throws at it, ranging from small spinners and artificial flies to maggots and worms. and can be purchased from any tackle shop.