Latin-Tinca Tinca

The Tench-Latin Tinca tinca

The Tench found throughout the United Kingdom living in lakes, gravel pits, slow flowing rivers and canals.

Tench are olive green with two barbules on the upper lip that the fish use for searching for their favourite food of worms, shrimps and snails that are all found whilst rummaging around on the bottom of the water.

The fish have large paddle like fins, which anglers can tell the sex of the catch, the male’s pelvic fins being more solid than that of the female. The Tench is the only British course fish to have external differences between the male and the female fish. Fish can live to 20 years and can grow up to 26 inches or 66cm and usually about 3lb or 1.4kg.

Many anglers find the best way of catching a Tench is ledgering-using baits like maggots, casters, worms, bread or sweetcorn. The fish can also be captured using Carp baits such as boillies and pellets.